Returns Policy

Conditions of guarantee and claims
The guarantee applies only to the goods (software) with the physical distribution and may complain the damage of the installation media or other parts included (for example, manuals). If you want to avoid problems with installation or software functions we strongly recommend that you take the test, demo and trial versions of software. If this version is not available, check whether you meet the system software requirements to the manufacturers. If you do not find the information on our website or the manufacturer's website please contacts us, we will try to give you the product information and to verify.

You cannot return
A software with electronic distribution (ESD).
Products damaged by unprofessional use, mechanical damage or natural disaster.
The unpacked or damaged products, in this case the damage is apparent in the consignment delivery – if you receive a damaged shipment you need this to claim to transporter immediately transporter or you can reject a takeover. With accordance to your agreement then we will send you a new products.

The avoidance of the contract is governed by Act No. 367/2000 Coll. Customer of the Czech Republic, in accordance with §53, §7 and §54 of the Civil Code, has the rights to avoid from the contract within 14 days of receipt of the software with accordance the following conditions:
   It means the goods with physical distribution.
   The goods must be unpacked, must not be damaged in any way the original packaging, must not be unpacked the installation media.
   Not claim the goods that were registered before the shipment from the manufacturer for a specific customer.
   The special order about non-standard software on the express wishes of the customer will be not considered.

Returns procedure
The claimed or returned goods must be sent to our address with a copy of tax documents. The address for delivery is:
   SPRINNET System, s.r.o.
   Budapešťská 1492/1
   102 00 Praha 102
After receiving the claimed goods the seller sends to the buyer credit note. After the confirmation of credit note the seller returns to the buyer the paid amount of money by bank transfer into the buyer’s account or in cash at the seller’s business premise.

Unjustified returns
When complain will be unjustified, the seller may request the costs incurred.